Youth Camp 2010

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This year we had almost 1000 students come out for “Desafio Extremo” or Extreme Challenge. We saw God move in some awesome ways and challenge the students to give up some of themselves and to go all in for God. 


Above is a photo of our opening evening service.  We held it outside and the kids LOVED it!

Part of the Extreme was working on little to NO sleep and challenging the students spiritually and also, pictured here, physically. 






After the challenge course, they were asked to reflect and spend time in prayer over the challenges and trials they are facing in their lives.  Here are a few shots of youth seeking the face of God!



We also introduced Speed the Light to the sstl-offeringtudents and have a goal to raise 15,000 for their own Panamanian missionaries!  Pictures to the right is the first ever youth STL offering.  (In August, I introduced STL to the youth leaders and we took an offering there.)



groupHere is the group of about 400 students that I was directly in charge of.  One of my assistants, Efrian, is sharing a devotional!  I thank God for a great group of students and that they opened themselves up for a move of God in their lives!

Thank you for your prayers and support by allowing us to serve the youth and leaders in Panama!

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