Quepos Construction Team

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I know this is a little late coming, but on March 13-15 I had the  privilege to hook up with Pastor Barden, Missionary Jay Dickerson and a great team from Living Word A/G from Ontario NY.100_3500

Here are three of the guys that kept the welders fed with rebar.   Notice the guy on the left, the on/off switch was broken on the saw, so he had to plug and unplug the saw for every cut… the fun teams have working in other countries!  Below are the welders making a roof joist on our high tech jig.  All in all it turned out great because of the brains and work of the guys and of course the faithfullness of God.


 Here is the evidence that Pastor Barden worked hard on the trip!100_35101


And who said Jonathan Cartledge sat in the shade all day?  Here he is doing a little work. (It took me all weekend to g100_3511et this shot of him working though)  Just kidding of course.




Where there is a will there is a way.  I don’t know if this was OSHA approved or not, what do you think?

100_35172All in all the team worked really hard and it was a joy to get away from San Jose and school for the weekend and we able to help out with a church and to put into practice what I have learned in the class room.

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