Prayer card

Let us introduce ourselves:



Terry loves to be outdoors playing sports and FISHING. He enjoys playing with his kids and getting us all “in trouble” with Mom by running in the house, or jumping on and off of furniture.  (Poor Bridget really has three kids, not two) Terry has been in Youth Ministry for 20 years now and still has a strong desire and calling to see teenagers changed for Jesus. He plans to take that desire and use it to help to raise up and equip leaders to evangelize and disciple teenagers.




Bridget enjoys crafts, scrap booking and reading.  Currently she leads worship and children’s ministry at The Refuge Center, she is also homeschooling Jake and Amber.  They say behind every man is a good woman and Bridget serves this capacity well.




Jake is now 16 years old.  He loves to play on the computer.  He also enjoys fixing computers, working on the computer, watching  TV, video games, soccer, snowboarding and more. He takes care of all the sound and technical equipment for our ministry, he even takes care of updating this webpage.  Jake is in 11th grade and is excited about being here in Panama and telling others about Jesus.




Amber is our 13 year old extroverted daughter who loves to be around people.  She is a proud seventh grader now and studies hard. Amber enjoys antagonizing her brother, but she actually adores him.  Amber loves playing with her pets, playing the clarinet, the piano, writing books, painting and drawing!