Kuna Yala

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On March 18-21, 2010  I had the hokuna-yala-2010-052nor to travel to 3 islands off of the Caribbean side of Panama.  A team of 8 of us left the city at 5 AM for a 2 hour ride over the mountains of Panamá to the city of Cartí.  From there it was a 3 hour WET boat ride to the islands of “El Corazón de Jesús” and “Narganá”.  These 2 islands are now attached by this footbridge. 

The first day we ministered in the high school for the islands                                                     and held a service that evening in the church.  kuna-yala-2010-0502

The next day we had another service in the AM  followed bykuna-yala-2010-0802 break-out workshops in which I led one for the leaders of the churches.  In the afternoon we went to the prison to speak with the 22 inmates, most of whom were youth that we caught either with drugs (Cocaine) or theft.  God moved in a great kuna-yala-2010-092way as Pastor Juan Carlos shared his story how God rescued him from a life of prison and is now a Pastor and that Christ can do the same for them!

That night we held a movie night in the local village square and a short message that followed.  On Saturday we headed to “El Tigre” which is another  island that is about 30 minutes away by boat.  There we held services for the kids and youth followed by a service for  the adults. Here I am pictured with the wife of the pastor. kuna-yala-2010-112 That afternoon we spent a few hours on another one of the close to 400 islands in Kuna Yala.  This time it was for a little rest and relaxation before heading back to “Narganá” for our final service. kuna-yala-2010-1731  I was given to honor to preach in this service which was for the youth of the church.  God moved as I challenged them that they have the power to change their islands for Christ.  It was great to be able to meet and work with the 3 pastors there and to see the work that God is doing in Kuna Yala!      

Here I am with part of the national youth ministry team.  From Left to right: Juan Carlos Torres, Frank Perez , Me ‘the gringo’, and Rogelio Batista.  We are pictured in the new church plant on the island of El Corazón de Jesús.  kuna-yala-2010-109

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