Jakob and Amber updates

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As I was working on the soccer entry I realized I should post a few pictures of the kids. I was blessed to have the whole family with me for these first 2 soccer camps while the kids were still on their Christmas break. It’s really amazing to watch them interact and use their Spanish to communicate. Here are a few pictures and explanations:
web-jakob-shooting-21Just observe the form of Jakob as he is taking a shot!  Right now he really enjoys 2 posistions: Striker and goalie.  Here’s a shot of him as goalie:web-jakob-goalie







From this picture I would say Amber is not goalie material! LOL!  Observe her posistion and the location of the ball! 


Here she is in the middle of the game striking a pose and checking her nails:web-amber-looking-at-her-nails

 For those of you who know Amber, you know she can make friends with a wall if given the opportunity.  So the pictures below should be of no surprise to anybody:web-amber-with-friendweb-amber-and-jalis1







What is surprising however, is that it seems everywhere we go Jakob seems to make a friend and then get a phone number, email or facebook address.  I’ve been told it’s the quiet one you need to worry about!



Not to just pick on the kids, I also tried my hand (unsuccessfully) at being goalie and also tried to teach some soccer lessons in Spanish (I hope it was more successful than my goalie debut):web-me-as-goalieweb-me-teaching

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