Earthquake 1-8-09

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In case you did not hear, Costa Rica suffered a 6.2 Earthquake on January 8th, 2009.  For us this was our first earthquake.  The epicenter was about 25-30 miles from where we live in San Jose.  Thank the Lord there was not any damage to our apartment, however many people lost their lives and also everything the own.  As of now the “official” count of those who died is in the 20’s, but there are about 100 people that are sill missing.

On January 25th there was a group from our school that went to help those who lost everything.2009-1-25-poazito-0292

Seen here are tents that are set up for those without homes. There are 100’s of people living there.  You can only image the issues that could arise in those types of situations.  It was a very sad sight to see and experience.  To make matters worse, it has been unseasonable cold and rainy in this region, and many do not have adequate clothing.




 As we traveled up the mountain, and closer to the epicenter, we came across these houses.

They we built in a gully type landscape and as you can see the sides gave way and destroyed homes, or left them unsafe to be lived in.  We also learned that here an 18 month old baby died as a result of the Earthquake.  A very sad and surreal time for our team. It was here that our team leaders decided to give away the new clothing and food that had been collected!

Please pray for this community and many others like it that are still suffering as a result of the earthquake.


 2009-1-25-poazito-027Here are 2 more picture of our trip.

On the left you can see a house that is now partially hanging over a cliff.

On the right this is taken from the main road and you can see the ground is cracked and will possibly give way at any moment. 



Again please pray for the people of Costa Rica who are going through tough times right now!

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